Emoticons are small pictograms, which are used in emails or chats to express emotions or to save words. In most cases emoticons are represented by 90° rotated faces, which were developed from the basic smiley. (If you have difficulties with recognizing the face at first go, it helps turning the monitor) ;-)
:-)the basic smiley
:o)alternative variant of the basic smiley / a clown
(:-(very sad
:*)silly / drunk
:-|serious / not funny
:->sarcastic smile
:-psticking tongue out
{:-)wearing toupee
}:-|toupee troubles
+:-)a parson
+:-)Ba nun
<:-)a clown
=:-)a punk
B-)wearing shades
R-(shades broken
B:-)shades on the forehead
:~?smoking a pipe
:-°smoking a cigar
:-Xa kiss / mouth shut
:-xa peck
':-/very doubtful
:.-(...crying heavily
:-[a vampyre
#-)What a night!
#*)Night´s not over yet!
8-OOh no!
C=:-)a chef
O:-)an angel
|-(Don´t look at it!
|-Osleeping and snoring
[:-)wearing headphones
:=)~~wearing a tie
:-)Xwearing a bow tie
>:-)the devil
q:-)baseball cap
p-)a pirate with a patch
:=(..received dissuasion
:=))))))))))))dissuasion successfully repelled
8=), 8-)wearing glasses
>:-ofury / outcry
d8-) o--cap, glasses and lollipop
]:(:))a cow
:8)a pig
:pq:french kissing
@--}---a rose